This international journal has been published in Hungary since 1991. The «Existentia» is an international journal of philosophy published in two double issues at the beginning of October for the Frankfurt Book Fair at the same time every year: the European double issue in English, German and French [fasc. 1-2], and the American double issue in English [fasc. 3-4]. The latest American issue contains articles only by American authors on Heidegger’s philosophy. This issue is an annual publication dedicated to promoting the understanding of Heidegger’s thought through the interpretation of his writings.

We give priority to texts of purely philosophical content. Our periodical is focussed on classical European thought, especially on the timeliness and actualization of the imperishable doctrines of ancient Greek and Latin authors. This ancient humanism, the essential digest of which is philosophy, permeating the whole of human παιδεία and culture, is what our periodical wishes to display. However the purely philosophical character of our periodical does not mean that we do not welcome writings dealing with philosophical concepts and theories in literature, arts or science, since it is philosophy that is destined—owing to its ancient Greek character—to study the questions what is literature, what is science, and what are the arts.

The central purpose of «Existentia» is to foster a living dialogue within the international community on philosophical issues of mutual interest. It seeks to elicit, within this international dialogue, discussions of fundamental philosophical problems and original approaches to their solution. Although not an advocate of any one trend or school in philosophy, it endeavours to keep abreast of developments within phenomenology, hermeneutical philosophy and contemporary continental philosophy, it is also interested in investigations that probe possible points of intersection between the continental and the Anglo-American traditions. Most articles are devoted to the philosophy of Husserl and Heidegger.

Although the articles are usually published in English and German, from time to time manuscripts written in French, Italian, and Hungarian are accepted. «Existentia» contains reviews of recent, original works in philosophy. It provides considerable space for such reviews, allowing critics to develop their comments and assessments at some length.


«Supplements to Existentia» provides a forum for publications on all aspects of the ancient Greek philosophy and science. Works published include monographs, critical text editions, translations, commentaries, and collections of by essays by various authors on closely defined themes about the classical European thought, especially about the Greek thought.